HARDCOVER – Debunked


Signed 6″x9″ Hard Cover copy of Debunked
Includes BONUS 12″x12″ hand-reliced, pocket-sized Terravenum Map


6"x9" Hardcover copies of Debunked are prized as portable shields in cities where face slap honor duels are still legal.

No explorer's home library is complete without a collectable hardcover of Debunked. Tired of trusting the banking industry to store your money? No problem! Simply buy a few hardcovers, hollow their pages out, then hide your valuables inside. Dito intentionally wrote a long story in order to provide extra space for your most treasured possessions.

I know what you're thinking: "But won't Debunked draw too much attention? There's no way would-be thieves won't sample a few chapters!"

Excellent question, and one that Saint Jude's Debunking Society is actively researching a solution for. Currently, we recommend filling your library wall-to-wall with copies of Debunked to lessen the odds burglars won't happen upon your grandmother's rubies. It's a tricky dilemma, to be sure...not to mention the inconvenience of finding thieves slouched across your furniture, sipping hot cocoa, and reading by your fireplace every morning.