Signed “Debunked” PAPERBACK

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Signed 6″x9″ Paperback copy of Debunked
Includes BONUS Limited Edition POCKET-SIZED 12″x12″ Hand-Reliced Terravenum Map


No expedition is complete without a signed 6"x9" Paperback copy of Debunked.

Voted "#1 Most Effective Improvised Spider Monkey Attack Defensive Weapon"  by St. Jude's Debunking Society.

Other uses include:
1. Long term investment in case of Machine Uprising - Store 1000 copies in a hermetically-sealed vault, then introduce them as new global currency after digital banking industry collapses (for special rates on purchasing more than 1,000 copies, contact me at:

2. In a pinch, Debunked's 434 pages of epic thrills provide 217 opportunities to send messages via paper airplane. Simply tear a page out of the book, scribble a note in the margins, fold it to your desired specifications, then launch it to your intended recipient. NOTE: For added secrecy, use manuscript text as a cryptogram.

3. Any book is a veritable toolbox to a Labyrinthian.